Thursday, November 25, 2010

What Are Airsoft Guns

Airsoft AEG Rifles: Airsoft Automatic Electric Guns, abbreviated AEGs, are the most prevalent type of airsoft gun used today. These electric powered airsoft guns/rifles are made with extreme precision to deliver maximum performance. Most all airsoft electric guns feature 2 firing modes: semi-automatic and full-automatic. AEGs are made for those who are more serious about the sport of airsoft, and as such, need a primary weapon that will give a competitive edge in any airsoft game through utilization of both semi and full automatic firing modes. Electric Airsoft guns are powered by a rechargeable battery, which powers the motor to engage the gearbox/piston, resulting in an immediate shot being fired as soon as the trigger is pulled. Firing one in fully automatic gives the authentic feel of firing a fully automatic machine gun or submachine gun. Airsoft Megastore also offers a wide variety of fully custom Airsoft AEGs, equipped with all the bells and whistles needed to dominate even the most difficult tactical airsoft scenarios.

Airsoft High-Powered Sniper Rifles: Airsoft sniper rifles are the most powerful of all airsoft guns, and consequently, are often the most feared type of airsoft weapon in any airsoft game or on any airsoft field. Boasting muzzle velocities of up to 520 FPS, airsoft bolt action sniper rifles mean serious business, as they combine shear stopping power with precision accuracy to out-power, out-range, and ultimately, out-shoot the competition. Airsoft bolt action snipers are also extremely realistic because they operate much in the same way as real bolt action snipers, where the bolt is pulled up then back to make a shot.

Airsoft Ultra-Gauge Shotguns: Airsoft shotguns are the optimum blend between range and power, and are priced affordably to offer big power for not a lot of money. Working much like the real deal, airsoft pump action shotguns deliver loads of power, and are especially effective at closer engagement ranges for tactical domination of the airsoft field. Airsoft Megastore carries both single shot and multi-shot airsoft shotguns, all at the lowest prices on the market.

Airsoft Spring-Action Rifles: Airsoft spring rifles are the most affordable and economic type of airsoft rifle available. They are a great way to start your airsoft collection without breaking the bank. A more powerful alternative to airsoft spring pistols, spring rifles offer ease of operation (cock and shoot) and loads of power while maintaining the realistic aspects of the real-life rifles that they are replicating.

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