Friday, December 3, 2010

NEW CUSTOM PATRIOT JG M4 S-System AEG Rifle "PUNISHER" w/ Full Metal RAS, 3-9x32 Zoom Scope, M203 Grenade Launche
The JG PATRIOT "PUNISHER" CUSTOM M4 S-System AEG is all that, and then some. Out on the field, this monster DOMINATES, eating up Classic Army for lunch and Tokyo Marui for dinner. It is hands down one of the best choices for an AEG and also is one of the best deals around because of its low price tag that includes the full custom treatment. With a muzzle velocity that overpowers even Tokyo Marui AEGs and its JG Generation 4 gearbox, this M4 is ready to rock and roll. Features adjustable hop up, adjustable rear sights, and a metal removable carry handle. With full Tokyo Marui parts compatibility and many other aftermarket upgrade parts compatibility, this AEG can be easily customized and upgraded. Rail system is the real deal. Comes with tight bore barrel for MAXIMUM POWER AND ACCURACY.

NEW CUSTOM PATRIOT JG M4 S-System AEG Rifle "PUNISHER" w/ Full Metal RAS, 3-9x32 Zoom Scope, M203 Grenade Launcher

Operation: Electric Automatic

Firing Modes: Semi-automatic and Full-automatic

Muzzle Velocity: 400-440 FPS

Magazine: 300-round high capacity (gear wind-up)

Gearbox: Full metal

Hop-up: Adjustable

Weight: 10 pounds

Ammo type: 0.20gram seamless bbs

Package includes: Rifle, rechargeable battery, wall charger, instruction manual, unjamming rod, TWO (x2) 300-round high capacity magazines, flashlight unit, 3-9x32 adjustable zoom scope, DBoys M203 short grenade launcher unit.

FULL CUSTOM PATRIOT-SERIES JG M4 S-System "PUNISHER" AEG rifle with full metal upgraded/reinforced internals and gearbox, full metal rail system (S-System), a brand new ultra-high torque motor, full metal one-piece tightbore barrel and a FULLY CUSTOM UPGRADE PACKAGE:

- Fully Functional Advanced Combat 3-9x32 adjustable zoom rifle scope with scope mounts included. Provides 3x magnification to 9x magnification (adjustable). It easily attaches onto the top of the rail for precision shots, whether in semi-auto or in full-auto! This is the industry-standard in zoom/hunting rifle scopes, and is a great piece of optic equipment that is sure to give the user a tactical advantage/upper hand out on the field. The long effective range of the M4 S-System "PUNISHER" compliments the zooming power of the scope quite nicely.

- Fully Functional Tactical DBoys M203 Rail-Mounted gas-powered grenade launcher. This is a highly sophisticated airsoft tactical add-on, and is extremely effective at taking out groups of opponents out on the airsoft field. Directly attaches onto the bottom of the rail system. Shell sold separately, also available in our store: M203 GRENADE SHELL

- Tactical Field V4 Flashlight for maximum illumination in all situations. This lightweight, ergonomic flashlight doesn't weigh down the rifle but yet delivers a solid beam of illumination for better visibility in darkened areas (especially woods and indoors). Comes with mount pre-installed

- (TWO) 2 x 300-rd high capacity metal magazine with a metal magazine clamp. This allows you to have 600 rounds at your disposal, allowing you to DOMINATE THE AIRSOFT ARENA!

- The PUNISHER high performance airsoft AEG rifle package is one of the BEST deals on a FULLY LOADED airsoft AEG rifle, bar none. It outperforms the competition, and comes with ALL the accessories listed, for less than the cost of a bone stock ICS, Classic Army, or Marui AEG shooting under 350 FPS!
NEW CUSTOM PATRIOT JG M4 S-System AEG Rifle "PUNISHER" w/ Full Metal RAS, 3-9x32 Zoom Scope, M203 Grenade Launcher

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